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Super Gay Hero - Johnny Rapid and Connor

Super Gay Hero - Johnny Rapid And Connor

Johnny Rapid is cleaning up the club after a long shift, and just wants to get home to his wife when Connor Halstead busts a move on him. Starting with a lap dance, Connor works on seducing Johnny. Before long he gets exactly what he wants, filling J

Super Gay Hero - Dalton Briggs and Will Braun

Super Gay Hero - Dalton Briggs And Will Braun

Dalton Briggs is in town after graduating and decides to hit up old friend Will Braun. After spilling juice on his shirt, Dalton is persuaded to join Will in the shower - one thing leads to another and soon shy country guy Dalton is inside of Will wi

Super Gay Hero - Tobias struggles to survive in the jungle - Tarzan

Super Gay Hero - Tobias Struggles To Survive In The Jungle - Tarzan

Tied up with vines and threatened by a venomous snake, Tobias struggles to survive in the jungle. It seems Tarzan has other plans for the stranded westerner as he realizes just how similar they are. His animalistic instincts taking over, Tarzan is ta

Super Gay Hero - Captain America catches Bucky

Super Gay Hero - Captain America Catches Bucky

Captain America catches Bucky and after a short battle ensues; he finally gets the chance to show his best friend how close they really are.

Super Gay Hero - Twink Master Johnny and Ricky Larkin

Super Gay Hero - Twink Master Johnny And Ricky Larkin

Twink Master Johnny is waiting on his first client of the day; Ricky Larkin. Ricky loves taking orders from his master and starts off by giving his boots a good tongue cleaning before cleaning his master's cock. Open and ready, Ricky eagerly spr

Super Gay Hero - Aspen and Phenix Saint

Super Gay Hero - Aspen And Phenix Saint

Aspen and Phenix Saint pleasure each other into an intense state of excitement and euphoria as they taste each other's cocks and get ready to fuck.

Super Gay Hero - Colby and Mike meet up to discuss Garrett's return

Super Gay Hero - Colby And Mike Meet Up To Discuss Garrett's Return

They try to figure out a plan of action Mike figures they might as well have some fun before getting down to business. Colby can only resist for so long before he gives in to Mike's wet mouth.

Super Gay Hero - JP and Mark

Super Gay Hero - Jp And Mark

JP and Mark get back to the office after a long day of deliveries tired and horny and to their surprise overhear the boss fucking in another room. They decide it's time for them to also take a well deserved break and relieve some stress with an

Super Gay Hero - Landon Mycles and Jake Davis

Super Gay Hero - Landon Mycles And Jake Davis

Landon Mycles and Jake Davis get sent to Vegas for work and end up sharing the same hotel room. Landon's already fantasizing about them fucking and decides to make it a reality. He waits for just the right moment and walks in on Jake masturbatin

Super Gay Hero - Colton and Luke looking for Tobias - Tarzan

Super Gay Hero - Colton And Luke Looking For Tobias - Tarzan

Colton and Luke are wandering around the jungle looking for Tobias and decide to stop for some rest. Tarzan pops out of nowhere with Tobias in tow. Reunited at last! Tobias explains where he's been and what he's been teaching Tarzan; who is

Super Gay Hero - Captain America

Super Gay Hero - Captain America

Captain America lets Bucky get away and runs into Fury. They are in disagreement about who's side Captain should be on but the one thing they both agree on is how well they work together and Fury wastes no time reminding him. The only exchange n

Super Gay Hero - Master Johnny and Landon

Super Gay Hero - Master Johnny And Landon

Master Johnny isn't happy with Landon's late arrival yet again and wastes no time with his punishment.

Super Gay Hero - Connor and Will

Super Gay Hero - Connor And Will

Connor is busy cooking up a storm when Will walks in to check on his bud. The kitchen gets hotter after Connor accidentally spills sauce all over his shirt which leaves Will clearly turned on at the sight of his bare chest. He follows him into the be

Super Gay Hero - Garrett and Jimmy

Super Gay Hero - Garrett And Jimmy

As the investigation continues, Garrett reaches out to his dad's best friend's son, Jimmy; who he actually grew up with. He questions Jimmy hoping he'll open up but the only thing he's interested in opening is his eager mouth for

Super Gay Hero - Nick North and Jonan

Super Gay Hero - Nick North And Jonan

The boss, Nick North is horny and decides to get relief for his hard throbbing cock with the help of his favorite employee Jonan. An afternoon office fuck session is just what he needs to de-stress.

Super Gay Hero - News reporter Griffin Barrows

Super Gay Hero - News Reporter Griffin Barrows

Griffin Barrows is investigating members of the conservatives who have voted against gay marriage on the suspicion that they may be hiding something. He scores an interview with Eddie Walker who can't keep his eyes from wandering. Griffin picks

Super Gay Hero - Diego Sans and Leo Fuentes

Super Gay Hero - Diego Sans And Leo Fuentes

Diego Sans and Leo Fuentes are caught up in a rapture; kissing, sucking, licking and fucking.

Super Gay Hero - Brenner and Paddy

Super Gay Hero - Brenner And Paddy

Brenner and Paddy have a shoot coming up and since they haven't met before Paddy makes his way over to Brenner for a quick meet and greet. Paddy is already horny and thinks some practice time would get them both better acquainted. Brenner loves

Super Gay Hero - Twink Master

Super Gay Hero - Twink Master

It's Jordan's turn to visit Master Johnny and the master is not pleased with his attire. He knows Jordan does it on purpose because he loves getting punished. Twink Master Johnny puts that hole to the test and opens his ass up real good.

Super Gay Hero - Jason and Landon

Super Gay Hero - Jason And Landon

Jason wishes his wife gave him better head but doesn't know how to tell her. Landon is more than happy to teach him a few tricks that he can pass on.

Super Gay Hero - Garrett and Mike

Super Gay Hero - Garrett And Mike

Garrett finally gets the information he's been looking for and heads on over to confront his dad's best friend Mike. Mike, ready and waiting welcomes him with open arms and a hard dick, eager to clear his name and get some ass at the same t

Super Gay Hero - JP and Nick North

Super Gay Hero - Jp And Nick North

JP gets back to work to find his boss Nick North waiting to confront him about his extra-curricular activities in the office that he thought only they were into. An apologetic JP gets down on his knees and gets to work on the boss's cock so he c

Super Gay Hero - Griffin and Dirk Caber

Super Gay Hero - Griffin And Dirk Caber

Griffin continues the hunt for down low politicians and ends up getting Dirk Caber into his bed next.

Super Gay Hero - Dato and Landon

Super Gay Hero - Dato And Landon

Now it's Dato and Landon's turn to get better acquainted with a little sucking and fucking before their big shoot.

Super Gay Hero - Alex and Bruce Beckham

Super Gay Hero - Alex And Bruce Beckham

Alex calls for a plumber and to his surprise opens the door to hot straight muscle man Bruce Beckham. Alex offers himself up hoping Bruce will take the bait. A horny Bruce rationalizes that a mouth is just a mouth and gives in. After all, what harm c

Super Gay Hero - Brendan and Charlie

Super Gay Hero - Brendan And Charlie

What's just as hot and wet as a steamy shower? Brendan and Charlie having sweaty,hot,steamy sex.

Super Gay Hero - XL and Dato Foland

Super Gay Hero - Xl And Dato Foland

XL is trying to get back in the game after a rough break-up. Over dinner, XL realizes that Dato Foland is just the guy he was looking for to fuck his hole and get him to start acting like himself again. Watch these two studs pleasure each other to th

Super Gay Hero - Rob Ryder and Johnny Rapid

Super Gay Hero - Rob Ryder And Johnny Rapid

Rob Ryder is late to the interview his wife set-up for him. However this isn't your typical interview. Johnny Rapid strips down and works nervous Rob into a horny frenzy. Though reluctant, Johnny teaches Rob the ways of man-on-man pleasure.

Super Gay Hero - Griffin Barrows and Diego Sans

Super Gay Hero - Griffin Barrows And Diego Sans

Griffin Barrows continues to take down the conservatives, this time by singling out Diego Sans. With his secret exposed, Diego pounces on Griffin and lives out his hidden desires. A cock suck and ass fuck later, and Griffin has exposed his suspicion

Super Gay Hero - Paul Canon and Leo Fuentes

Super Gay Hero - Paul Canon And Leo Fuentes

Olympic swimmers Paul Canon and Leo Fuentes may have a difficult time communicating, but they both understand the deep pleasure only another man can provide. Back at the Olympic village they explore each other's rock hard cocks before Leo mounts

Super Gay Hero - Weekend in Vegas

Super Gay Hero - Weekend In Vegas

It's guys weekend in Vegas, where anything can happen. When the boys go out to party, Jaxton Wheeler hangs back to take care of jet-lagged Will Braun. After interrupting Will's jack-off session, Jaxton decides to join in and get off too. Th

Super Gay Hero - Aspen and Zak Bishop

Super Gay Hero - Aspen And Zak Bishop

Fuck an apology, all Zak Bishop needs is for Aspen to fuck him - HARD. Aspen pummels Zak's hole with his tongue, his fingers, and his large cock. Zak takes his man-meat like a pro, finally getting the hard fuck he's been craving.