The Looser Gives his Ass

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Chris Loan and Jules Laroche

The little Jules Laroche measures his strength with our athlete Chris Loan during a arm wrestling. The match is unbalanced and the issue is important since the loser promises to give his ass to the winner! In this fight between David and Goliath it's like in the mythology most puny who will win. Jules strongly suspects Chris to have let him win but this cheating doesn’t bother him because he dreams to fuck this mountain of muscles. The two boys start kissing each other, then Jules gives to Chris his big cock to get sucked. Chris Loan fails to choke several times by swallowing Jules's dick in deep throat. The twink then undresses Chris and begins to eat his ass and finger. Chris encourages his young partner and moves his muscular buttocks to ask for more. Chris did not imagine that Jules' dick would be so hard to take and it’s grimacing and moaning loudly that he get penetrated. Progressively Chris relaxes and Jules's huge cock begins to give him more pleasure than pain. It’s first standing up and then lying on his back that Chris is pounded by the young ephebe. The contrast between the morphologies is disconcerting but Jules doesn’t let himself be impressed and uses all his energy to fuck Chris until to make him cum. Covered with his sperm Chris is then watered by the abundant ejaculation of Jules.